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Even though we live in a technologically dominated world full of gadgets and electronics we still have the power to press the power button and shut off our electronics at any moment. Having that type of power comes in handy especially when it comes to monitoring the amount of time kids play video games. Parents know how long is too long for their kids to play video games and at a certain point they have to say enough is enough.

Be it playing video games on iPads, smartphones, on the iPod Touch, the XBOX, kids these days have an endless supply of video game options. Check any house and you're likely to find some sort of gadget that has video game playing ability. There's nothing wrong at all with kids playing video games, but as a parent, you need to set time limits.

Setting limits on the amount of time your son or daughter plays video games is extremely important because you don't want them to become dependent on playing video games. Sitting in front of a couch, playing video games, while starting a television set all day long can be very unhealthy. The same can be said if you're a big gamer yourself.

You can't spend the whole day fixated on a television screen. You have to go out and be active and do something physical. Set a limit on the amount of time video game playing is allowed in the house during the course of the day. Once you've set up a schedule for playing video games you can then figure out what activities you can do while not playing video games.

Figure out fun things to do outside such as playing flag football, going to the swimming pool, rollerblading, ice skating, bike riding, walking, jogging, playing baseball, ballet lessons, or heading out to your nearby park to play on the jungle gym, just to name a few. Make playing outside seem as fun or more enjoyable than sitting on a couch all day video gaming it up.

While that last sentence might seem impossible to make a reality, especially if you or your kids are addicted to playing video games, but it is definitely doable if you play your cards right. Kids love playing outside with their friends and if you make that option appealing to them they'll drop their controllers quickly and rush out the front door to spend some time outside with their friends while getting some much needed fresh air.

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