For gamers, playing video games isn't just something they do for fun when they come home after a hard day at work or school. It's a lifestyle and a subculture too. Being a gamer is different from being a person who plays video games, because it also involves socialization though gaming, which includes internet forums, code names, trading tips, tricks, and accomplishments, and even its own system of slang. This article will tell you more about gaming forums, where to find them, and what goes on there. What is a forum you ask?

Gaming forums are found all over the internet. You might see them on the official website for the game they're playing or the system they own, on the website that hosts their favorite game reviews or cheats, or even on their own dedicated sites that cater exclusively to gamers who want to interact with one another. There are forums for gamers who live in the same city or country, who exhibit the same personality traits, who speak the same language, who like the same games, and who own the same systems. Many gamers frequent several.

Gaming forums are like online conversation sites for people who are too far away for everyone to get together in person. Someone will start a topic of conversation and each gamer who has something to say can post a reply, leading to a series of interconnected messages that is known as a thread. Threads are usually monitored by a moderator - someone who has extra privileges on the site - to make sure the site standards are followed. Posts that are off topic, offensive, or blatant advertisements may be deleted.

To participate in a gaming forum, generally you have to sign up by giving them your name, address, and contact information and assigning yourself a unique nickname to use on the forum. Some people use their own names, but many like to keep their name and address to themselves for safety and security reasons. Most forums also allow users to post a photo to represent themselves. Most gamers choose a scene or character from a favorite game, not a photo of themselves. As you participate, you may also gain awards and increased standing on the forum.

There are a few things that will brand you as a "noob" (or new user) in a gaming forum. Not knowing the ins and outs of a game and failing to use the proper slang (such as "pwned," meaning "owned" for a win) will mark you as new. Depending on the forum, you will either find yourself supported or scorned because of it. Many thanks to who supports our mission.

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