When we need information these days, whether it's for an assignment at school or we're learning how to use a , the first place most people look is on the Internet. Why wouldn't we? All you have to do is type a small phrase into a site like Google and up comes hundreds of different sites that could help you find what you need. But, that doesn't mean that there is not still a place for libraries and the books and resources that they offer us. Here is a little about doing a library search.

If you're used to using online search engines than you won't have too much trouble adjusting to the library computer system, as it works mostly the same way. If you're looking for legal advice you should contact a lawyer referral service for information or if you're interested in finding a book about "a Gluten free diet", you can search by typing in their name, the title, or the subject. This will lead you to the catalogue number associated with that text. Then you just need to go through the stacks to find what you're looking for.

Though sometimes when you're searching in the library you don't know exactly what you're looking for. You may know that you want something interesting to read while you're on your lunch from work or that you need to learn more about a certain era in history. This is where searching through the database can become a little more difficult.

The library is organized according to subject. So, all of the books about team building cohesion and building effective work environments are going to be together in one section and fantasy novels are going to be in a completely different area. If you know what subject you're looking for than you just need to find that area and start browsing. One of the best things about a library is that you can take the books off of the shelf and see if they are really what you're looking for.

If you're still stumped as to where to start, this is where the librarians are going to come in very handy. They usually know that building better than they do their own home and you can simply describe what you're looking for and they will help you find it. Whether you're interested in finding information about the invention of ice cream cone or about the Navy SEALS, they are going to be able to point you there.

When looking for information in a library, you should remember that they have more than the books on the shelves as resources. You might find the best information in an old magazine, news article, or scholarly paper. Make sure that you're exploring all of your options.

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