Cell phones have become almost obsolete. Sure, everybody has one but they're not just used for making phone calls anymore. Most people today now own a version of the cell phone called a smartphone. Smartphones are in everybody's pocket. Most people you know who own a smartphone don't leave home without it. Why have smartphones such as the BlackBerry, iPhone, or any Android powered by Google smartphone become so popular in today's society?

It's not that only trendy or hip individuals own smartphones. All generations now own one. Your work supervisors, parents, and teachers and neighbors own or want to use a smartphone. It probably has to do with the fact that they are super convenient. A smartphone isn't made just for making phone calls. In addition you can send texts, video message with friends, make notes, use it as an alarm clock, or use it as a mobile calendar, just to name a few.

Depending on the technical specs of your phone you can also use it as a mini computer. You don't have to keep logging into your computer to see if that important e-mail you've been waiting for has finally arrived. If you have a smartphone you can set it up to get an alert notification whenever your e-mail account gets an e-mail.

Another reason why smartphones are so popular is because of the amount of games you can play on them. Your old cell phone might have had a few pre-installed games on them but a smartphone has access to thousands of games, all with high quality graphics, that you can spend playing games on. Phone games such as Candy Crush or Angry Birds are insanely popular amongst smartphone owners.

If you've recently purchased a new smartphone then you might want to start looking into games you can download onto it if you enjoy passing the time by playing games. Whether you're waiting somewhere or taking a long trip, having a smartphone full of games ensures never being bored again.

Hit up the Android Market, BlackBerry App World or the Apple iTunes App Store to see what games are available for your smartphone model. You can also use Google to search for the best smartphone games available in case you haven't played games on a smartphone before.

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