With the power of the Internet, anyone can have a voice and, if they wish, can even choose to stay anonymous. We all read travel reviews on vacation websites and articles on the history of the world without really knowing anything about the author or their credentials. It seems that the line between fiction and non-fiction is becoming more and more blurred with each passing year and there are many different things to consider when it comes to this concept.

We have all seen with everything from celebrity news about nose jobs and tummy tucks to a medical story about how mold removal and duct cleaning is helping asthma sufferers, news can go from being one hundred percent fact to a combination of real information and hearsay that has been twisted and changed several times over since coming from its source. When it comes to news there are certainly advantages and disadvantages when it comes to the Internet. On one side, you can hear about stories as they happen from the other side of the world with videos, pictures, and stories from some of the planet's leading correspondents. On the other side, there is no shielding from all of the opinions and stories that can come forth. This is why you should still look for your news from quality sources where facts are still vigorously checked before being posted.

And then there are all of the other sites and stories out there than are not even claiming to be accurate or news. Some of these have been labeled by the general public as fool-proof non-fiction, like Wikipedia, when they really have very little screening when it comes to people writing whatever they like. If you've ever been in a university classroom where you're supposed to research the building of the Great Wall or the history of a famous composer they will tell you not to use any site where you cannot track the sources. This seems to truly be where fiction meets non-fiction.

But back to the positives of the Internet, it has allowed for thousands of writers to have their voices heard and that has brought a wealth of new fiction onto the market. While you might have had to farm out your book to all of the publishing firms the country has to offer in order to get your fiction or non-fiction creation into homes a few years ago, now the road has become easier with self-publishing of eBooks. Remember your readers are still going to want to know how truthful the things that you're writing about might be.

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