As a fisherman, you’re probably thinking that the fish that “get in your belly” are renewing your personal energy sources. No doubt you dream of great days on the water catching vast arrays of delicious fish. However, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) has managed to make an even greater tie. They are the geniuses behind fishing’s connection to renewable energy.

Of course, the avid fisherman is probably more interested in locating the best fish finder so that he/she can expend as little energy as possible locating fish. We understand that commitment to the sport. And we see fish finders as valuable energy conservation tools. The easier it is for you to find the fish, the less gas you’ll use. And that means, less pollutants in the water. So, we are cool with that kind of energy savings, but we want you to think about something the NFWF is doing. Keep reading to find out more about it.

Fishing’s Connection to Renewable Energy

The NFWF is Fishing for Energy

Surely you are aware of the dangers posed by leftover fishing gear. You know that fishing lines, nets, and the like are hugely dangerous to marine life. The derelict gear that fisherman leave behind actually kills animals long after it has been discarded. Read more.

And, sometimes, the accumulation of this waste creates large masses of line, rope, and metal which move across the bottom of the oceans as storms swell. That means it is disturbing, sometimes decimating, the fragile habitats located there. Sea grass beds and coral reefs are in particular danger. This trash has even been responsible for damage to other fisherman’s boats too. That creates a financial and energy based expenditure.

So what’s to be done about it?

The NFWF created a project designed to allow commercial fisherman a free method of disposing of old and broken fishing gear. It is called the Fishing for Energy Partnership. Because this project allows for the removal of fishing gear waste, it stands to reason that it will reduce the impact of these negative situations. And, ultimately, the habitats of marine and coastal areas will be restored. Learn more.

They also offer grants for those who are able to make fishing gear innovations that will help keep the gear aboard the ships, or in proper disposal areas when it has been retired from service. Of course, they are always looking for people to help them with this endeavor. The funding they offer will be invested in ideas that assist in the following areas:

  • Putting disposal bins at commercial fishing ports so that fisherman will have a place to unload unwanted or broken gear for free.
  • Collaborating with legal entities to deal with the impediments caused by the disposed of gear and the removal of it.
  • Innovations that provide the technology to reduce the effectiveness of gear that has been lost. Since abandoned and discarded gear can still catch and trap wildlife, they are looking for people who can create gear that will lose its functionality when it is detached from its source. Click this.
  • Educating the general public about the impacts of this fishing gear, and the progress being made by Fishing for Energy and its initiatives to make a difference on marine life.

The success of the program is not hard to see. They have provided removal services in 10 states and at 48 ports within them. The collected gear goes to Schnitzer Steel Industries where all metal is recycled. Then the non-recyclables are turned into energy at Covanta Energy locations. So, while you are enjoying all your OutdoorTricks, don’t forget to save energy.