Believe it or not, your phone has an impact on the environment. Think about how many mobile phones gets charged on a daily basis and consider how much energy that uses. There are those of us that actually want to make the world a better place by implementing a few small changes in our lives that will have an impact. Going green is the way to go nowadays and just because your recycle and save energy doesn’t mean you have to stop there. You can actually go green with your mobile phone and broadband usage too. Click here to find other ways to live eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly ways to use your mobile phone

Take the first step by recycling your old mobile phones. 35 Pounds of carbon is emitted during the manufacturing process of one cell phone. It is horrifying to think of that large carbon footprint with all the upgrades that take place every year. It is therefore very clever and very helpful that many manufactures and providers now happily take old cell phones to recycle the parts. You might also want to sell your old phones so that someone else can refurbish them and perhaps use them. If you are a bit tight for cash and in need of a phone you can save a bit of the blow on the environment by purchasing a used or refurbished mobile phone. You can even do the maintenance on your phone to make sure it lasts longer by taking a look at for one of the best battery replacement kits. With this kit you will get all the tools you require to get your phone back to its former glory with a battery that actually lasts. It will cost you less in the long run to do these small fixer-upper jobs yourself than it would to use the services of a repair company. If you can do it yourself why send it in?

By using a smart phone you are already making a difference and heading in the right direction. This type of phone can do everything from taking videos, pictures and give you the ability to listen to music. There is no longer need for all the devices that can do that separately as it is an all in one package. Sending a text message for example uses less energy than calling someone. With battery saving apps you can actually lower your phone’s energy usage a lot. Click here to read more about battery saving methods on your mobile phone. Instead of just using the internet use old fashioned ways to research, read a book or play an offline game. These are all very effective ways to save energy and to get the most out of your phone. Make sure you only charge your phone when it is absolutely necessary as this is one of the big ways we waste energy. You might be pleasantly surprised and find that your phone lasts longer by implementing these few small steps to save the world.