Many people are interested in using solar power for their homes, but the costs involved with the installation may make the idea unattainable for many. However, just because you can’t get a series of solar panels on your roof that doesn’t mean you can’t use solar power on a smaller scale. To help you explore these alternative options for other activities, here are some fun products to get you started.

Can’t Go Fully Solar? Here are Small Changes You Can Make Today

Smartphone Chargers

Often cited as a method for charging your smartphone in an emergency, solar power smartphone chargers can actually be used at any time, and often work with any device powered over USB. This means, instead of using a wall outlet to charge your phone, you can simply use these chargers as a permanent source of power.

There’s no need to do anything special to do it either. You can leave your phone case from on, just as you usually would. In fact, since many of these charges actually store power in an internal battery, it can even be more convenient than having to locate an outlet first.

But what about the charging time? While it is true these chargers often take longer than other charging means, that doesn’t mean they won’t work. First, you can invest in more than one solar charger, allowing them to build up their internal battery life throughout the day. Then, plug your phone in to charge overnight. Once the sun rises, set the charger up in a sunny spot and repeat. Besides, in cases where you can’t afford to wait, you can always plug into a wall outlet instead.

Wireless Keyboard

One of the biggest annoyances of wireless keyboards is managing batteries. However, that trouble can be eliminated with a solar powered wireless keyboard. Often, these devices are compatible with any computer and have extensive battery lives even when left in total darkness for months. Additionally, the solar panel technology only requires a small amount of space, helping ensure the keyboard itself remains a manageable size, even for traveling.

Outdoor Tables

While having a table with solar panels doesn’t immediately seem valuable, it is once you realize it’s potential for powering other items. For example, if you are sitting in your yard with your laptop and the familiar low battery warning displays, you can simply plug directly into the table instead of having to relocate inside.

By adding the technology to a device that is highly useful in its own right, you can extend the function to power almost any device you could want while you are using the space. Computers, smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, and more can all get the juice they need without having to use power for a traditional source.


While the product can be quite pricey, owning a solar-powered lawnmower makes more sense than many of the other items based on its exclusively outdoor use. Combine it with the user-free design of many robot vacuum options, and you have a green-friendly machine designed with the convenience of tomorrow’s technology today.

Other solar-powered device options continue to hit the market, allowing those interested in alternative energy enjoy these options even if they can’t afford a full home installation. Over time, the number of individual options may even make a full transition unnecessary depending on your individual power needs.