Homes that work on renewable energy have a lot of benefits such as cheaper living cost and the fact that you are saving the world from pollution.  But renewable energy also has some down sides and one of the big negative effects is robberies.  Adding solar panels to your rooftop is basically like adding a giant thieve magnet to your house because solar panels are still relatively easy to steal and they are sought after because they can be used by the thieve himself or they can be sold easily.  A good home security system will keep your renewable energy products like generators and solar panels completely safe and you and your family will also be kept safe in the same process.

The Best Security Systems That You Can Use On Renewable Energy

Get better locking systems

The first step to keeping your modern energy sources safe is to replace old fashioned locking systems with newer locks that are tougher to get open.  Older door locks and padlocks are easy to get open simply because most criminals are already proficient in picking these locks but a newer locking system will keep them busy for longer.

Buy a safe

A large safe will enable you to store away cash, valuables and important documentation.  Safes don’t just keep belongings from being stolen but also secures a lot of personal items from being destroyed in a fire.

Get a home intercom

New and modern home intercom systems enable you to see who is at the door on your smartphone.  Yes, you heard correctly.  You can use your phone to communicate with your home intercom and the newer home intercoms don’t just stream audio.  They stream video as well and you can run this low energy consumption security device on renewable energy sources comfortably.

Get a security alarm

Security alarm systems Perth – Austguard Security also works great on alternative energy sources because they don’t consume as much energy and these systems usually comes with an additional battery pack that will keep your alarm going long after your power has drained from external batteries.  These great alarm systems come with interior and exterior alarms that will alert neighbors and frighten off criminals.  The alarm systems function with motion detectors and door detectors and will sound whenever a person triggers these sensors.

Get a panic app on your phone

A security app like a panic app enables you to alert friends and family that has the same app with the push of a button.  These panic apps also have a tracking system that allows family and friends to determine your location so they can help you whenever you found yourself in a terrible situation like a robbery.

Consider CCTV

CCTV systems might not be suitable for all renewable energy systems.  These systems don’t take a lot of energy to function but your monitor, four cameras and recorder will be on at all times which means that these systems will need consistent power throughout the night.  If you have a good battery pack to your solar system then you should however be just fine with CCTV and you can keep a much better eye on your belongings.